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About Us

Type of company Private Private
Type of business Food machinery manufacturing
Products Chapati machine, Dough kneading machine, Vegetable cutting machine
Year establish 2011
Prabhat Machine Tools was established in 2011 under the leadership of its founder Mr. J. P. Rathod having manufacturing & servicing ability. It was started as a small scale industry is now a pioneer in unique Food processing machinery in India. We have a well-resourced production unit combined with the latest machinery to satisfy all demands of customers within the stipulated time frame. In order to maintain quality across all our instant food Machinery. We believe in maintaining excellence in the quality of our products & excellence relation with our customer’s At present our company has grown many times then we started, that is only due to our quality, proper customer care and our efforts to reach the smallest customer across the globe! Our aim to reach millions of customers can be achieved only through customer's love, trust and proper feedback for our products.

Our Vision & Mission

  • We are committed to introducing new design in food machinery.
  • To invent and innovate. To experiment and expand. To move ahead from strength to strength - are the spirit, which drive us.
  • To provide a world class state of art technology to the Food Industry.
  • We think that each & every food has different taste, ingredient, smell & method, thus we have to find different solutions for different items.
  • Build customers confidence through quality and reliable service.
  • To deliver world-class results in all we do. Excellence does not mean better, it means BEST.
  • We never compromise with Quality.
  • We are at prompt service.
  • We always welcome healthy feedback.
  • To become a global name and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. In all our activities we seek professional excellence and employ ethical means.
  • We always has a Passion for Technology


At Prabhat Machine Tools, our every step is towards providing you with flawlessly perfect world-class quality that surpasses all established standards. Right from processing to packaging and everything between and beyond, we leave no stone unturned to give you the very best.

Our Quality Control Department monitors and inspects every process thoroughly so that the finished products delivered are always of the first-rate quality.

And that’s not all, we’re constantly innovating our processes and methodology by applying various measures and implementing new technologies to deliver what we promise – world-class quality.

Fast & Punctual Delivery And Growing Business

In the early stage of expanding we concentrated on the production of exports. Due to our efforts with excellent trade staffs, products were delivered to customers abroad as scheduled. Since then, the business has been growing rapidly.

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